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Top Fat Burning Foods

In no particular order, here are some top fat burning foods to integrate into your healthy eating programme, enjoy!

Green Tea
The polyphenols found in green tea are the answer. These incredible polyphenols are more commonly known as flavanols or catechins.
Catechins inhibit an enzyme called catechol-O-methyltranferase, or COMT, which actually degrades the body’s primary fat-burning hormone, norepinephrine. That’s obviously not what you want when you’re trying to lose fat. With catechins being so abundant in green tea, they really help elevate norepinephrine levels, keep them elevated and prolong thermogenesis. Translation – catechins help turn you into a fat-burning machine!

Cayenne, jalapeno and habernero peppers have an active ingredient called capsaicin that heats up your body’s metabolism. Adding cayenne pepper to your meals can increase digestion and boost fat-burning potential.

Cayenne Pepper
Consuming capsaicin, found in cayenne pepper, may encourage your body to use more fat as fuel, found a study by David Heber of the University of California Los Angeles Center for Human Nutrition. Capsaicin is the component of cayenne pepper that causes your body to heat up. Cayenne pepper, also known as red pepper, is commonly found as a hot and spicy powder made from chili peppers

Grapefruits break down fatty tissue so it can exit the body easily. Vitamin C metabolizes cholesterol to bile, so it is essential to your digestion and the fat-burning process.

Brown Rice
Whole grains such as oats and brown rice will give you the energy you need in the form of complex carbohydrates, protein and fiber. Use whole grains to satisfy hunger while giving your caloric intake purpose.

Small portions of lean meats provide you with protein without contributing leftover calories. They are a fat-burning food because energy is required to digest protein, which stimulates a release of glycogen, a hormone that breaks down fat stored in the body.

Goji Berries or Raspberries
Fruits such as raspberries and goji berries are low glycemic snacks that keep insulin low and metabolism high. Raspberries have compounds called ketones that help your body produce the hormones responsible for changing stored fat to energy.

High-protein foods like eggs are a good fat-burning strategy, because it takes more energy — and energy comes from calories — to break down protein than other foods. Protein also allows you to keep all-important muscle mass as your weight goes down.

Leafy Greens
Leafy green vegetables are packed with vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. They are high in fiber and low in calories. Give your body a boost by adding greens to your daily menu.

Foods that contain omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, such as salmon, avocados, walnuts, olive and flax oil, provide you with unsaturated fat you need for healthy skin and good digestion, and also transport and breakdown cholesterol in your blood stream. The University of Maryland Medical Center reports that people who supplement with fish oil or eat walnuts can lower high triglyceride levels in their bloodstream.

Cottage Cheese
Keeping a healthy ratio of low-fat and high-protein foods in your diet can help the fat-burning process. Along with protein, low-fat dairy products such as cottage cheese and skim milk provide calcium, which encourages the release of fat from fat cells.