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Operation Bootcamp Project @ the Crowne Plaza Marlow

Since obtaining the exclusive contract for the Crowne Plaza Marlow, PT-ME we have been keen to get an extensive bootcamp programme at our new home. After negotiations the final meeting set out how we could achieve this.
PT-ME already have a good bootcamp programme running in the Marlow area, this new venue offers new and existing clients the opportunity to work with our trainers in a purpose built area. PT-ME also agreed to offer Crowne Plaza members a number of free sessions. Below you will see the before shots of how the area looks now. We are aiming for a soft launch trial day Wednesday 6th June with our full launch night Thursday 7th June, to which i am hoping we can convince the local papers to come take some publicity shots. Make sure you keep checking back to see the progress as it comes along and comment ideas and feedback as we go.
Crowne Plaza Bootcamp area before build.