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Operation Bootcamp project at the Crowne Plaza stage 3

Thursday came with both Chris and I having more time to get the holes done. Something I have learnt from this experience is any job without the right tools can be ten times the effort and the time taken. We managed to get to a depth of 2 feet on one hole and under a foot on the other 4. The satisfaction of getting one hole to depth was good but short lived as we ran out of time again.
Luckily for me a friend of mine, David Pope of Ernest Barnes Ltd came to the rescue with the right tools, lending me a post hole digger. This is basically 2 spades hinged together, I cannot describe how much easier it made the job. This resulted in the completion of the holes and Gintautas, a.k.a “the machine” in this picture, working on cementing the posts with me.

Gintautas, a.k.a 'the machine'

At the close of play we had all the posts cemented in making the area really come together. It still felt like a long way to go but at least some of the features are now in.

Four posts cemented in.

Four posts cemented in - view2.