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Operation Bootcamp project at the Crowne Plaza stage 2

We are now 3 days into our bespoke bootcamp area being constructed at the Crowne Plaza Marlow! It is going well with a few hiccups along the way, but, as you can see from the latest photo it is coming along well.
Day 1 as you could see, showed quite the little jungle of an area, it may have been hard to picture what we have envisioned so hopefully the photo below should start to make it clearer. Our first hurdle came in the form of some mistaken man power, what I mean by this is that originally we were supposed to have the whole Crowne Plaza maintenance team on the case to crank it out in 4 days. This in reality didn’t happen but we do have one of the maintenance guys on the case who I like to refer to as “the machine”. When he gets going he gets the work done and fast hence the nickname, in the space of the morning before I got there on Monday “the machine” had lopped off the little unwanted branches, hacked down the smaller trees and bushes that were enclosing the area, meaning straight away it looked a lot more open. As I go to train a client I came back after an hour to find he had torn through all the weeds with the strimmer and started on the Rotavator work. While “the machine” happily trundled away on his Rotavator, Chris, our bootcamp specialist, made good work of clearing all the debris “the machine” had cut down and torn through in the morning. Day 1 complete with good progress.
Day 2 Tuesday luckily Chris and I had the afternoon and early evening off so we could really get involved and help out “the machine”. He continued to tear through the whole of the Rotavator work. turning the soil over while we managed to rake and clear out the weeds and stones to get a relatively smooth flat area. Without the tools for the job to start the holes for the posts Chris and I had to go and buy them, visiting 3 different hardware/garden stores before finding them. This took up and good hour or so before we could really get to work on the holes. While we were away “the machine” was being called left right and centre around the hotel so not as productive an afternoon. Chris and I managed to get the holes started before we had our evening clients.
Day 3 Wednesday became a late start as the hotel were using the maintenance guy a lot, but he had been working on drilling the holes in the posts and coming up with a clever way for us to be able to adjust the height of the pull up bars. This is exciting as he came up with a genius way of doing it in comparison to our idea and he assured me this would all be done by the close of play today.
I will bring you more pictures and the next blog in the next couple days, Chris and I will be able to put some work in tomorrow (Thursday) so we are hoping to get the holes completed and start cementing the poles in!
Crowne Plaza Bootcamp area before build Stage 2.