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Fitness is a science! – now that’s not something 12 weeks ago you would hear me saying but then 12 weeks ago I hadn’t been educated by Aaron and the PT-ME.
As a busy mum of 3 I’ve never been particularly overweight but I was not lean or bikini confident so I thought I would give the 12 week body transformation challenge a go! Coupled with an unfortunate competitive streak I had only my pride to loose! Well that 12 weeks has just ended and it really has been a revelation! I urge anyone to seek out Aaron and his team and let them show you what you have been doing wrong all these years because I guarantee you – you have been doing it wrong. I have learnt real nutrition and fitness and tools to take with me for the future, this is not a quick fix but full body and mind overhaul but it’s a 2 way street, you get out what you put in! So give yourself to PT-ME & you won’t be disappointed!
Your new body is waiting for you ……
Sarah Messenger

Having been slowly gaining weight over the past 6/7 years with a mixture of binge drinking and regular eating of takeaways, I had been looking at ways of starting to get back into the healthy shape again that I had in my early 20’s
I was tipped off about PT-ME from a friend who was about to start a 12 week summer programme so thought it was the ideal opportunity to lose some unwanted weight. I met with Aaron 2 days later and the insight and knowledge he showed along with a friendly approach made it a very easy choice to go on the programme. 12 weeks of hard work on my part and lots of information and brilliant advice from Aaron has seen me lose over 7kg and nearly 5% body fat. Not only that but I now have the knowledge to continue my journey and to get me back to where I want to be.
I am forever grateful to Aaron & PT-ME
Gareth Holliday – Age 30

The 12 week PT-ME transformation challenge has done exactly that for me – transformed by body and my life! Right from the beginning of the process the support and information provided by the team at PT-ME was oustanding. The PT-ME approach is spot on! Rather than just telling me what to eat and how I should exercise they take the approach of educating so that I am now well equipped to make the right choices for me – regarding the food I eat and my exercise regime. They also understand the pressures and uncertainy of our lives and don’t pretend that we live in a bubble. The whole process has completely exceeded my expectations and I am so glad that I chose to work with them.
Ruth Davies