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Lose Belly Fat Forever!

Lose Belly Fat Forever!

Now I have your attention this is a particular subject that all men are particularly after! How to lose the fat from the stomach but not only lose it, keep it off! Read on to hear our top tips to ensure you achieve this!

Here I will tell you my top 3 tips to do this, then when belly fat is all but gone my final abs and core circuit to really help build those canyon abs!

1. Achieve consistency not perfection – Many people believe your diet has to be perfect to achieve abs, this puts too much pressure and sets you up to fail. Your first element to concentrate on is getting two parts of the puzzle and that’s nutrition and resistance. What do I mean by this, your food will never be the same day in day out however hitting your numbers and understanding how you will is key. If a meal, a day or a week goes wrong understanding this is normal and getting back to consistency is the way forward. Throwing it into the fuck it bucket when a meal goes off plan is a sure fired way to never get that belly fat down. Your second consistency factor is resistance training knowing you are committing to a set amount of resistance sessions per week you can achieve at least 50 weeks of the year is your other key element to achieve the flat stomach and eliminating belly fat. Let’s expand; 1A – nutrition – focusing your diet around calories first and protein second, the rest can fall in to place in the early days. If you get these consistent at the appropriate levels for YOU (not your mates) will ensure success. We need you in a calorie deficit to lose fat, knowing your overall calorific requirement alongside the planned resistance sessions will get you there. Once you know the required amount ideally you should never go over it daily, you should be no less than 50 calories below it either. Calorie is king and will determine your deficit alongside activity without it we won’t have you weekly moving forward to fat loss on your belly. The secondary part is protein, protein will help repair muscle, muscle is more active than fat and in itself takes more calories to digest. It raises your core temperature to create thermogenesis from food, of which is not the same eating carbohydrates to the higher levels we would. I would highly recommend seeing someone to advise who specialises in fat loss like us as everyone is different. But to give you a very rough rule of thumb aim for 2g per kg bodyweight of protein. 1B- resistance training – I cannot stress the importance of this, the required effort on the body to break down and rebuild muscle tissue as a byproduct of your training is the best way to help you on your way to losing belly fat. When coupled with the correct nutrition as above it will put your body on the best environment to maintain/gain lean tissue and utilise fat as a fuel. Not only will it do this but your efforts will help to start sculpting your physique. If there is fat to lose sculpting the muscle underneath will only pave the way for great foundations. With the consistency of time you will be chipping away at fat creating a physique which will start to show itself with all your hard efforts

2. Manage stress – many of us lead busy lives, family, work and many commitments make time for ourselves harder and harder. The building of chronic stress won’t help achieve our goals of belly fat reduction but managing it will! Chronic stress creating circulating cortisol has an undesired effect on the midriff. Now I know often we can’t completely eliminate it by quitting a job or not speaking to stressful family members but we can work with it as best as possible. Even 10 minutes of mindfulness to yourself can help, taking time out, trying to concentrate on you, deep breathing and clearing the mind will help circulating cortisol. A great tip is a dark room, sit comfortably and try to focus on your breathing. Breath in for one second, out for one second. Repeat increasing in time for breaths in and out until you reach ten seconds in and ten seconds out. Attempt to clear your mind then find a steady deep breathing that feels rhythmic and calming.

3. Improve your sleep – sleep is hugely underrated. Getting quality deep restful sleep will give your body the downtime it needs. A full sleep cycle occurs over a 90 minute period. On average it takes most individuals 10-15 minutes to fall asleep, therefore doing your best to create the best environment for your sleep as well as the time frame can help. If you went to bed at 10pm, read a book for 15 minutes, went to sleep 10.15pm would imply you should hopefully be asleep by 11pm. If you struggle to fall asleep applying the deep breathing techniques from managing stress portion above could help. If we then look at 90 minutes cycles from 11pm that would give you an 8am wake up. Some small changes could then help this environment, as mentioned reading a book, this can help calm the mind and avoid looking at your phone or TV. The bedroom should be for sleeping so ideally avoiding having a TV there in my opinion. Complete darkness without any light emitting will do you wonders.

When you apply the top 3 tips give yourself time and don’t stress the process. Once you have done everything to optimise body fat reduction and created the deficit the fat loss will happen. As long as you keep the consistency the body will lose fat all over but with these techniques above will ensure there isn’t any stubborn movement from the belly fat. Apply it all and it will go over time. Your next step is to carve those canyon abs as the fat disappears building some thick abs will help ensure the flatter stomach stays for good. Less body fat plus more ab development ultimately means no more belly fat issues if you stay true to the above for life. If you want my effective ab and core sculpting workout put your best email In below and I will send it over immediately. These exercises when combined with the above information will ensure you are rid of that belly fat for good and have solid canyon built abs!

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