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Common myths busted part 1

We have all heard them, typical bro science talk from the out of shape guy next to you lifting weights thinking he knows it all. But if you are new to the gym or not up to speed then reading ahead should help.
Myth 1. No carbs after 5pm
Carbs are carbs, whether they are in the day or at night. The myth states that eating carbs after 5pm will ensure you store them as fat, WRONG theoretically this came about by the fact someone or individuals cut their carbs post 5pm meaning they cut calories. Cutting calories like this daily meant they would have been in a form of deficit. A form of deficit resulting in weight loss hence the myth carbs after 5pm makes you gain weight. If we started the myth carbs for lunch makes you gain weight we would get the same result if everyone followed. Just be sure to eat your carbs when they suit you and not too many ensuring they are at a level your body tolerates in combination with exercise.
Myth 2. If you stop training muscle turns to fat
No they are two different tissues that have different functions within the body. It is IMPOSSIBLE for muscle to TURN INTO fat, if you stop training your muscles atrophy (breakdown) and if eating a surplus while not training you are gaining fat.

Myth 3. Weights make women bulky
No, fat makes women bulky, if you have effectively trained weights and feel like your getting bulky it is either psychological or your nutrition is insufficient to burn fat therefore keeping fat while building muscle making you feel bulky. Get advice get a proper training and nutrition plan with regular reviews and lift some heavy ass weight and see what happens. #strongisthenewsexy #nobulkywomenhere

Myth 4. Crunches gets you abs
Crunches will build your abdominal’s just like you build muscle doing any resistance exercise. However if you have a thick layer of fat covering your abs you will never see them no matter how many crunches you do. They say it takes 250,000 crunches to burn a 1lb of fat and that’s just the equivalent energy burn not that it will be burnt from your abs. Don’t even get me started on ab rollers you see in the gym either!

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