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Proven Health Benefits of Turmeric

Over the years, researchers have been learning more and more about the health benefits of turmeric and its active component, curcumin.  Turmeric has been used for over 2500 years in India. The health benefits of turmeric have been slowly revealing themselves over the centuries. Long known for its anti-inflammatory properties, recent research has revealed that […]


You are not alone if you find yourself confused about the perfect diet for reducing body fat. In light of the obscure nutrition recommendations from the government and outrageous claims from food marketers, sane and simple advice about how to eat for fat loss is hard to come by.  You need an individualised nutrition approach […]

5 benefits of weight training for women

There’s a plenty of research supporting the benefits of weight training for women; however, a lot of us still tend to ignore these benefits, opting, instead, to stick with cardio. Putting aside the myths regarding putting on too much muscle, resulting in looking “bulky,” weight training can help women achieve the physique of their dreams […]

Lose Belly Fat Forever!

Lose Belly Fat Forever! Now I have your attention this is a particular subject that all men are particularly after! How to lose the fat from the stomach but not only lose it, keep it off! Read on to hear our top tips to ensure you achieve this! Here I will tell you my top […]

How to Naturally Increase Human Growth Hormone

What is human growth hormone? Human growth hormone (HGH) is a hormone secreted from the pituitary gland that stimulates cell reproduction. It is highly anabolic to muscle tissue and catabolic to fat mass. This is an amazing combination for fat loss. It builds muscle, but it also promotes fat loss. There are not many hormones […]

Beat Cravings to Lose Weight

I mentioned on our Facebook page about vices and it got me thinking more about the fact i had a real craving for chocolate milk. After asking peoples opinions on what they crave most i realised it was definately something worth researching more. Do you ever get that urge or craving for something you know […]

Importance of Sleep for Fat Loss

First off, some facts on sleep, sleep is divided into two main categories: rapid eye movement (REM) non-rapid eye movement (NREM) You spend most of the night in NREM sleep and gradually work towards REM sleep every 90 minutes or so. The later stages of sleep are invaluable for its benefits of restorative function. You […]

Insulin and fat loss

Increase Insulin Sensitivity for Better Fat Loss Your insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism are directly correlated to your body composition. Impair your body’s ability to efficiently store glucose, and you’ll be fighting an uphill battle against fat loss. Here are 10 ways you can increase insulin sensitivity and make it easier to change your body […]

Cortisol and optimum body composition

What is cortisol and how can it affect your body composition, particularly belly fat? Cortisol is your stress hormone and can be your best friend or your sworn enemy. Produced in the adrenal glands, It’s an important hormone that’s essential for human survival and plays a role in the fight-or-flight response. Whenever your body experiences […]

Top Tips to Keep Motivation High

The best ways to keep motivated are audio, visual, and mental stimuli. Audio stimuli consist of people’s appreciative comments, music, and training partner encouragement. Visual stimuli consist of your progress pictures, weight room mirrors, motivational posters, and seeing the physiques of others. ~source While motivation is high starting a fitness/health goal I would say […]

Better Body Composition Tips

What is perceived as optimum training, nutrition and supplements for better body composition? All goals are relative and individuals starting level of fitness, bio mechanical structure and body composition all differ dramatically. The upcoming mentioned basics are what generally suit clients when starting a body composition goal. A lot of clients sign up with the […]


Back pain is a national problem. It is one of the most common causes of long-term sickness among workers in the UK. Almost half the adult population of the UK (49%) report low back pain lasting for at least 24 hours at some time in the year and the National Health Service spends more than […]


Millions of working days, and millions of £’s in earnings are lost in the UK each year due to chronic back pain. Upper back pain is less common and more complex than lower back pain. It is usually caused by muscle strain and joint injury due to poor posture, over use, strain, sports injuries and […]


Green tea is is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body. This includes improved brain function, fat loss, a lower risk of cancer and many other incredible benefits. 1. Green Tea Contains Bioactive Compounds That Improve Health It is loaded with polyphenols like flavonoids and catechins, which function as powerful […]

Self Myofascial Release

Do you incorporate self-massage into your recovery routine? This practice of self-massage is actually called self-myofascial release. (SMR) Myofascia is the connective tissue network that runs through your body. It wraps around your internal organs and muscles and holds it all in place. When this system is healthy, it distributes strain evenly so that you […]

Posture and Back Pain

Back pain is a national problem. It is one of the most common causes of long-term sickness among workers in the UK. Almost half the adult population of the UK (49%) report low back pain lasting for at least 24 hours at some time in the year and the National Health Service spends more than […]

6 Anti-Inflammatory Foods to Help You Ease Arthritis

Arthritis, like several other health conditions so many of us deal with, is a product of inflammation in the body. There are two types of arthritis: Osteoarthritis – when the cartilage between the ends of the bones are worn down and they begin to rub together Rheumatoid Arthritis – an auto-immune disease that causes softening […]

Why Your Body Needs Iron and my top 10 iron rich foods

Iron is essential for the production of haemoglobin, a protein that allows red blood cells to carry oxygen to every part of your body. It’s also a component of myoglobin – that’s similar to haemoglobin, but it’s found in your muscle cells. If you don’t get enough iron, you may feel fatigued and you may […]

Benefits of the spice Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a very versatile spice, found in many foods and recipes. What’s more is that there are substantial ways that cinnamon benefits your health. Here are some of the amazing benefits this superfood has to offer, contributing to your health and well-being, offering powerful medicinal properties. 1. Blood Sugar Control Numerous studies have identified […]

Why should I eat Peanut butter ?

Peanut butter…. I love it, in fact would go some way to admitting a slight addiction! But why is it good for you and are there ones you should totally avoid? Read on to find out. Peanut butter is loaded with many health promoting nutrients, including vitamin E,magnesium, selenium, iron and vitamin B6. It is […]

My top belly fat burning foods

To lose weight and burn belly fat we need to make specific, positive dietary changes. These changes don’t include taking a famous new supplement, or eating the same food for one week straight. Instead, these foods have natural properties that help the body burn fat based on the actions they take in the body when […]


Cinnamon is a very versatile spice, found in many foods and recipes. What’s more is that there are substantial ways that cinnamon benefits your health. Here are some of the amazing benefits this superfood has to offer, contributing to your health and well-being, offering powerful medicinal properties. 1. Blood Sugar Control Numerous studies have identified […]

Pancake day

So it’s pancake day the question is do you want a healthier recipe or go all out for taste and indulgence? Share your #pancake recipes with our social media but here’s some of our favourites; The simple healthier one Ingredients 1 banana 1 egg Smush the banana and whisk with the egg until it’s relatively […]

Kettlebell Training for Women

Kettlebell training is becoming increasingly popular amongst women to help achieve their health and fitness goals. Read on to discover why it could be the best workout you have ever done. Achieve that bikini body A common fitness goal for women is losing body fat and inches around the waist, abdomen, thighs and arms. Kettlebell […]

Christmas calories and damage limitation

It’s that time of year…Christmas. Work parties, time off, drink, food and copious amounts of chocolate boxes. What do you do? Stick to plan be a Scrooge and be a social outcast for the following year? Or do you think “it’s christmas” and let loose? I would say a happy medium is your best answer […]

Common myths busted part 1

We have all heard them, typical bro science talk from the out of shape guy next to you lifting weights thinking he knows it all. But if you are new to the gym or not up to speed then reading ahead should help. Myth 1. No carbs after 5pm Carbs are carbs, whether they are […]


What is it? According to the International Society of Sports Nutrition, creatine (monohydrate) is the most effective ergogenic (performance-enhancing) nutritional supplement currently available to athletes for increasing high-intensity exercise capacity and lean body mass during training. Creatine is a nonessential dietary protein-like compound found in high abundance inmeat and fish. It is synthesized in the […]

Best workout strategies for 30 minutes or less

So you want to work out but you don’t have time? This is a common answer I hear. My answer will always be tally up how long you are sat on your bum relaxing or watching TV? Then come back to me and say you don’t have time? Once you have established you have some […]

PT-ME Transformation Challenge 2013

Do you need help or motivation to get in shape this New Year? Then join in on our #PT-METransformationChallenge. The challenge is having plenty of interaction on our Facebook and Twitter so head over to either if you have an account. If you don’t use social media however you can still get involved by downloading […]

Dun Dadadaa Superfoods

Look up superfoods and you’re likely to find berries, broccoli and quinoa. Seeing as we have noted many of your standard sorts of superfoods you can get in your local supermarkets I did some research into superfoods and came across some more out of the ordinary choices, the type you would either never know or […]

Everyday Superfoods

Nuts – They are packed with monounsaturated fatty acids, those good-for-you fats that lower your risk of heart disease and diabetes and, according to new research, help you control your appetite. Researchers from Georgia Southern University found that eating a high-protein, high-fat snack, such as almonds, increases your calorie burn for up to 3 and […]

Top Fat Burning Foods

In no particular order, here are some top fat burning foods to integrate into your healthy eating programme, enjoy! Green Tea The polyphenols found in green tea are the answer. These incredible polyphenols are more commonly known as flavanols or catechins. Catechins inhibit an enzyme called catechol-O-methyltranferase, or COMT, which actually degrades the body’s primary […]

Operation Bootcamp project at the Crowne Plaza stage 3

Thursday came with both Chris and I having more time to get the holes done. Something I have learnt from this experience is any job without the right tools can be ten times the effort and the time taken. We managed to get to a depth of 2 feet on one hole and under a […]

Operation Bootcamp project at the Crowne Plaza stage 2

We are now 3 days into our bespoke bootcamp area being constructed at the Crowne Plaza Marlow! It is going well with a few hiccups along the way, but, as you can see from the latest photo it is coming along well.   Day 1 as you could see, showed quite the little jungle of […]

Operation Bootcamp Project @ the Crowne Plaza Marlow

Since obtaining the exclusive contract for the Crowne Plaza Marlow, PT-ME we have been keen to get an extensive bootcamp programme at our new home. After negotiations the final meeting set out how we could achieve this. PT-ME already have a good bootcamp programme running in the Marlow area, this new venue offers new and […]

Touch your toes in 4 easy steps

Do you want to touch your toes? Try this 3-minute flexibility plan. It’s designed to diagnose and loosen your tight spots with simple exercises that you can perform at the gym, at home, or even in the office. 1. Loosen Your Back The Erector spinae are back muscles that run from the top of your […]

Saturday Night Workout

Lads do you want a workout to leave you looking like you have just walked out of the gym for Saturday night? Here is the T-shirt workout thats hits all the right areas but does mean it isn’t a balanced programme for everyday use. Perform the said amount of reps for each exercise one after […]

The PT-ME Perfect Smoothie

Have you ever wanted a post workout smoothie or snack anytime of day that covers all bases? We have the perfect smoothie recipe for you. 400ml semi-skimmed organic milk 1 tbsp of low-carb protein powder (a whey protein preferable) 1/2 cup of berries (mixed blackberries, raspberries and blueberries) 1 tsp of spirulina 1 kiwi fruit […]

Common mistakes and issues with the bench press

Freeweights is beneficial for everyone and a natural progression that should be followed in the gym from the resistance machines. But without teaching there are a lot of improper techniques that can result in injuries, postural problems and not gaining the full benefit of the exercise. 1 – Firstly we will start with the correct […]

Top 5 exercises for Ab definition

A lot of people ask what are the best exercises for a defined set of abs? Unfortunately it is a little more complicated than just giving an exercise that will miraculously give you that flat stomach you’ve always dreamt of. Below are exercises that will help and there reasons why but really a flat stomach […]