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Gym Consultations

We have one of the most in depth consultations i know of locally, this is how it should be from any personal trainer because if you aren’t assessing you are guessing!

Consultations are simply for those that feel they are highly motivated to train and eat properly when given the right direction. After gathering all the information in the consultation we will compile an exercise and nutrition document bespoke to you. In it you will find:

  • Tips and tricks to achieving your goal
  • Discounts and recommendations on food and supplement suppliers
  • Full gym/home/park workout dependent on your needs including YouTube Links to help with technique
  • Full nutrition plan including calorie and macro breakdown alongside set training/non training example days with appropriate food timing.
  • One week post document received to email any questions for clarification of the plan

Once you receive your document summer 2015 we have introduced the added extra to ask questions via social media Twitter page. @PT_ME_UK