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Bride and Husband Package

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We all know that special day is one of the most important in your life. PT-ME also knows you want to look your absolute best for your big day. This is why we set up the Beautiful Bride package for those that want to put the effort in to reap the rewards.

The basic option includes:

  • 3 pt sessions a week for 8 weeks
  • Nutrition consultation of an hour FREE
  • Assessment and measuring session and the option to accompany you or your dress fitting to see problem areas.

Optional extras

Have your sessions with your groom to be.

Wedding Testimonials

Sasha and Mikey:
We approached Aaron at PT-ME after hearing lots of good things from friends that had trained with them. We both wanted to look and feel our best on our wedding day and so gave ourselves six months to do so. After an initial consultation with Aaron, we arranged our training schedule. We would have one joint personal training session a week in the gym and attend several bootcamp sessions in Marlow and Henley. We were each given a detailed nutrition report and 7 day food plan with all the calories and macros calculated for us. This made meal planning much easier. We had weekly ‘check in’ sessions with Aaron over e-mail where we could share our weight, progress photos and any queries or questions we had. I found this very helpful with staying on track.
Aaron was on the end of the phone or email to answer any food or training questions, it was like having your own guru on hand. We also had the time in our PT sessions for some motivational guidance too. Our PT sessions always started on time, we enjoyed every minute of it and always left the gym feeling pumped and positive that we were making good progress. Aaron and his team are extremely professional in the way they conduct their training styles and very motivational. Even though we were training as a couple we were both training different specific body parts but still able to train together. Between us we lost nearly two stone, dropped body fat and toned up all over. Most importantly we felt happy and confident on our wedding day. We have learnt so much and still enjoying our training and nutrition as part of a healthy life style.
We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending signing up as a couple to get in shape for your special day. Like Aaron said once during a session, when it comes to training with a PT – ‘All you have to do is turn up!’


Chris Young:
I trained with Aaron leading up to my Wedding and was extremely pleased with my results and in losing 2 stone in weight. Having been a regular gym goer before I have tried my own training plans before and failed, I needed the motivation, accountability and a strict diet plan which is what Aaron provides in professional manner. PT-ME has given me a personalised written plan and the knowledge I need to continue and achieve my next target.