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Outdoor bootcamps are becoming an increasingly popular method of fitness training for those who like affordable group exercise in a natural, open air environment but dislike hot, stuffy, crowded gyms.

The main aim of each hour session is to burn fat, improve fitness and to increase core strength and muscle tone. Bootcamps are an efficient, healthy and fun way of achieving these aims with the idea being to work hard but at your own level and pace, exercises can be adapted to suit you, thereby benefitting beginners and those who are more advanced!

The sessions consist of a variety of circuit-based exercises with the focus being on interval training. This will involve a mixture of jogging, squats, lunges, press-ups, crunches, dips, shuttle runs and agility exercises with a variety of different equipment.

Higginson Park Marlow

  • Monday – 7:00pm with Chris Kite
  • Tuesday – 7:00pm with Chris Kite
  • Thursday – 7:00pm with Chris Kite

Newfield Gardens Marlow

  • Monday – 6:30am with Chris Kite


  • Thursday – 9:00am with Chris Kite
  • Saturday – 9:30am with Chris Kite