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On the 22 march 2013 I weighed 105 kg – 16 stone 7lb, not really sure how I got there but I was there the scales don’t lie, for those that know me I’m a typical man I love football/beer/takeaways plus I’m a builder so lunch was always shop brought that day with no clue about right and wrong, well deep down you do but you choose to ignore it, I was a milk 2 sugars tea man. I have always played football and worked out but clearly I was missing one vital ingredient nutrition, so I’ve known Aaron Sturgess a while and was fluttering around with his 12 week challenge for a couple of weeks until finally thought f*ck it what’s the worst than can happen. My biggest plus is that I have a will of iron If I start something I will smash it, I cannot do half hearted as Aaron has probably realised by now. So after meeting Aaron he worked out my stats and food etc I thought he was mad in trying to make me loose weight not eating like a small child every day instead my calories were 3000 but like I said I will do what I’m told, my friends were not supportive I was now in the no alcohol for 12 weeks group so you can only imagine what that was like I was the big drinker now soda and lime, the only support was from the wife without helping me prep food and dinner this would have bin 10x harder as I can’t cook. But before you no the weeks and programs start coming and going and with the pic you really see progression he constantly tweaked my food (I’m now on 3200) and half way through a carb cycle to get leaner. The main area I wanted to loose was my love handles and I was on Aaron’s case about this as my body was on the road to getting in good shape but the handles did not want to play, he kept reassuring me be patient they will go and of course eventually they did. Before I new it the 12 weeks was up and I was in good shape, people would comment all the time and I seemed to turn into someone people come to for advice thinking that what I had achieved was down to some miracle drug and my answer was always the same, Aaron. He has made me understand how a body is built, there is no quick fix no miracle pill no stupid diet no juice crap, just eat right and be more active. So now I still work with Aaron and I’m trying to get my body in the best shape I can be.

Aaron’s comments:
Alfie started with our transformation challenge via Facebook and has continued to progress via online training. The after photo was taken April 2014 so basically a year after his before photo.

Laura Bailey:
I was introduced to Aaron by a former 12 week challenger. Inspired by her amazing results I decided to meet Aaron with the intention of a one-off meeting to discuss how I might be able to become more lean. After all, I was a regular gym goer, very active, who ate a reasonable diet (or so I thought!) and just needed a little advice and a push in order to loose some body fat. That one off session turned in to 6 months of regular sessions and advice from Aaron with a major change in my body fat, composition, general appearance (glowing skin etc) but most importantly change with my general well being, levelling of hormones, energy levels and confidence. When I met Aaron I just had my third unsuccessful IVF cycle. I was feeling fat, bloated, fed up, emotionally drained, and my hormones were all over the place. After years of stressful cardio sessions and eating too little of the wrong foods, Aaron knew exactly what I needed to get in shape physically which in turn had an effect with balancing my hormones and energy levels etc. By the time I’d had my fourth IVF cycle last October, I was feeling and looking great – totally ready to embark on another stressful IVF cycle. To my disbelief I got pregnant! I’d never been pregnant after years of trying. Unfortunately I miscarried a few weeks later, but I felt stronger and more healthy than during previous cycles, and more able to deal with the disappointment and stress. After another few months (January 2014) I started another IVF cycle. All the while I had full support of Aaron – regular sessions and endless answering my questions! I stayed on track with my nutrition and exercise programme and felt ready for anything once again…….I’m now 14 weeks pregnant! Plus, I’ve been feeling amazing, which I’m sure is partly due to being so healthy now. Now, don’t get me wrong, much of my pregnancy success was down to science, but I strongly believe the help and support coupled with Aaron’s expertise, and willingness to go the extra mile, certainly contributed to my health and helping my body to be in the right place for invasive and stressful IVF and subsequent maintaining the pregnancy. I hope you’ve read this and it will inspire you to carry on and always progress. Never give up. And to not only look at the aesthetics side of things, but sometimes take a step back and think about how you much better you feel when you make progress. Think about the small things you might not notice like having more energy, perhaps not feeling groggy when you wake up, not as many mood swings maybe (some especially) …etc etc. here are my photos, and a few pregnancy progress pics.

Louisa Sammes:
I had my second daughter last June & had one of those pregnancies where food was unlimited. Portion sizes were BIG & dessert was never, ever off the table. I have a very sweet tooth and as I lost weight relatively quickly after my first baby, I thought it would be the same. This however did not happen. 6 months down the line shopping for a New Years outfit, I was no where near even looking at my pre-baby clothes. I felt big, uncomfortable, unsexy and moody.

Aaron at PT-ME had suggested that they were running a challenge from January to March for 12weeks to see who could change the most through nutrition advice, fortnightly photos uploaded to Facebook and a heap of support.

Well, I was in!! I can truly say it was the best thing I could have done. The first 2 weeks were the hardest but after seeing the changes in the photos & the other contenders, I was so motivated to keep going and see where 12 weeks would take me. Sort of like a personal body experiment! I couldn’t believe it when I was selected as a Finalist and then went on to win this challenge through Facebook likes from friends and family. The following 4 weeks of PT sessions with Aaron and the team were intense and worked me harder than ever but wow, they worked! The difference still amazes me when I look at photos from January. I am working towards my first Fitness Competition in November 13 with Miami Pro. I am so excited and nervous as there is still a fair bit of work to do but knowing PT-ME is on hand to help, I feel confident it is achievable. This also can only happen through my own dedication everyday (wise advice drummed into me by Mr Sturgess himself!). PT-ME have helped me to become more confident, enjoy fitness more & try new things such as kettlebells and TRX training. Their attitude is highly professional and they are all completely approachable. Thank you PT-ME for holding such a great challenge and I urge anyone who is looking to change their health and fitness ways to consider taking part. It’s hard work but fun and the eating habits and changes stick with you far past the 12 week mark.

You just have to make the decision to do it!

Tony Fooks:
Aaron has a great depth and understanding of the human body, he is fully attentive to the individuals needs. I have seen him work one to one and with groups displaying politeness and understanding but still a firm order to encourage anyone to gain their goals for fitness and healthy lifestyles. He is very popular with the children from seeing him leading MEND to tackle childhood obesity and manages to relate with older cardiac rehabilitation clients just as easy.

Elaine Jack:
I chose Aaron to be my personal trainer because he had always been very helpful and approachable during the S W E A T sessions that the gym used to run at lunchtimes, he seemed very knowledgeable and genuinely keen to get the best out of you. Since asking him to help me I have never looked back! I am fitter than I have been since leaving school – I had aches and pains in my knees which I associated with getting older and I suffered from occasional bouts of asthma and bronchitis, both of which have completely disappeared. My posture has been greatly improved, I have dropped almost three dress sizes and my body shape is changing for the better all the time. We have regular assessment chats and discuss my progress and the targets that I have achieved and my next targets and we discuss my food intake and when and what to eat, to get the best results after my training sessions. He has an excellent motivational approach and pushes me to achieve more and encourages me to progress further. He has greatly improved my fitness levels and I have been amazed at how my confidence and self-esteem has heightened. Our sessions are constantly changing and are more challenging and enjoyable especially when they are over! I find him 100% reliable and I know that if I contact him by text he will respond as soon as he can. He has never let me down and is always willing to change things around to suit my plans if needed. Bearing in mind that there is a big age gap between us, our relationship is excellent. I believe this to be due to Aaron’s maturity and professionalism. I am very comfortable with him, which I think is an extremely important part of the trainer – client bond, as it would be impossible to work so closely with someone who didn’t put you at ease. I am absolutely delighted with the results he has helped me achieve so far.”

Linda Foster:
At the end of May 2006, I realised that I had been gradually putting on weight and was the heaviest I had ever been. I managed to lose half a stone, but in November decided I needed some drastic action, so I bought a special dress for a Christmas party – one size too small. I spoke with Aaron, at the gym, about how I should go about getting into the dress in time for the party – I had just 4 weeks. He suggested some personal training sessions. We arranged three sessions of weekly training and Aaron gave me some food diary sheets to fill in. This really concentrated my mind on what I was eating (and drinking – I do like a glass or two of red wine!) as I knew that Aaron was going to be looking at, and commenting on, the sheets at the end of each week. During the training sessions themselves, Aaron showed me the best way to perform each exercise to gain the most benefit, and he pushed me further than I would ever have pushed myself in each session (I had the pain the next day to prove I had worked hard!). I was also motivated to visit the gym 3-4 additional times a week, as Aaron gave me plenty of different exercises to choose from – making each visit more varied and fun. With Aaron’s help, for 4 weeks I thought carefully about the food and drink I consumed, I had 3 personal training sessions, and visited the gym regularly. The result being that the dress fitted perfectly in time for the party. Since Christmas, to continue my weight loss momentum, I have set myself some new goals. I am continuing the Personal Training sessions, and also have a new gym programme to follow. Personal Training sessions have definitely sparked my motivation in the gym again, and with Aaron’s continued help (and push!) I know that I will achieve my goals. Thanks Aaron.

Zoe Tucker:
Aaron’s passion and enthusiasm is infectious which has transformed my attitude towards health, fitness and well-being. Not only have I fully recovered from a back injury (my core strength has increased significantly) but I’m healthier and fitter than I’ve ever been, the results have been very positive. Regardless of my mood coming into our sessions, they’re always stimulating, enjoyable, varied and I always leave feeling invigorated and motivated. Aaron has made exercise something for me to look forward to – and that’s a major turnaround in my lifestyle Our new challenge is myself being pregnant, I am looking forward to seeing what is to come to keep me in shape for my first born, being 3 months in already I am sure Aaron will help me see it through.

Kerry McCallion:
I have just finished 6 months of training with Hilary and am delighted with the results. Whilst I did not need to lose loads of weight, it had crept on over the years and I needed someone to take me in hand! Hilary did just that. By looking at my diet and giving me nutritional advice and looking at my food diary, she was able to point me in the right direction. I also saw her twice a week at the gym where she gave me some tough exercises that have really helped tone my body and have helped make me fitter. At the start, I was often out of breath and dizzy, but by the end I had much more stamina and the dizziness became much rarer. I was also amazed that the weights that I had thought very heavy at the start felt very light by the end! At the end of 6 months I had lost a stone in weight and improved my body measurements. I am very pleased with the results and feel so much better and it is all down to Hilary. Thank you Hilary!

I don’t imagine I am a typical client for personal training sessions, if there ever is one, but at 23 I decided I wanted some motivation to help me with my fitness and weight goals. Hilary has been the perfect trainer and in the past 6 months has helped me drop 2 dress sizes and I feel fantastic in my body shape. I am the most toned I have ever been and feel fitter than ever. This is despite numerous health and personal problems over the time I have been training with Hilary. She has been fantastic helping with through this, and making sure the sessions were suitable for my health/ injuries but were still effective at achieving my goals. Moreover, Hilary has been completely flexible with the sessions, allowing me to change times or carry sessions over if I have needed to. I owe a lot to Hilary, and cannot thank her enough – the sessions themselves have been hard work but fun, as Hilary always varies them and is fantastic at encouraging you to keep going (although I’m sure her stopwatch doesn’t always work!). She has also provided invaluable nutritional advice, and general support. I know if I ever needed any type of support/encouragement or had a question to ask, Hilary would be at the end of the phone. If I weren’t moving to London imminently, I would definitely continue using Hilary just to maintain my current weight/ body shape and level of fitness. I would definitely recommend Hilary in a heartbeat.

Thanks again for everything… I couldn’t have gotten to this point without you. And I may well be requesting a couple of sessions whilst trying to find a job, so be prepared for a desperate plea. Hope to see you soon.

Emma Paterson:
Hilary Spearing was my personal trainer for 10 months during 2012 & 2013. I thoroughly enjoyed training with Hilary. She was tough & effective, constantly pushing me to my limits & knowing when I’d reached them. Hilary kept me motivated through the use of different types of exercises such as boxing, rowing & kettle bell circuits. I enjoyed Hilary mixing up our training session locations, heading outside of the gym or to a local park when the weather allowed. Hilary also supported me with nutritional advice to supplement my training sessions. As a mum to a young daughter, Hilary was always understanding & flexible when I had difficulty attending our training sessions. Hilary was always more than a personal trainer; she became a good friend who I thoroughly enjoyed training with.

Hilary has been my personal trainer for the last few months. I’ve really enjoyed our sessions as Hilary strikes the right balance between a challenging workout and making the exercises fun and non-repetitive. She’s highly motivational and always seems to get me to push just that little bit extra, and it’s quite amazing to realise that, actually, I can do it! If I was exercising on my own, I’d have given up way before that point! I have really felt the difference in my body, I do feel that I am stronger and more toned than when I started and while I am confident that I now have a repertoire of kettlebell and body weight exercises to carry out myself, I suspect I’ll be calling on Hilary again when I let myself slip! Not only is Hilary an excellent trainer, she is extremely knowledgeable in nutrition and has given me lots of good advice with regard to healthy eating. I would have no hesitation in recommending Hilary to anyone who would like to tone up, get fitter or lose weight. Thanks very much for all your help, I’ve really enjoyed our sessions and will no doubt be calling on you again after the festive season when I will certainly have slipped off the exercise wagon!!

Nichola Pateman:
I have used Hilary from PT-ME for the last 9 months. After the innitial assessment with Hilary while pregnant, she suggested some very useful new exercises, which were low impact and no risk to the baby, but still effective. Since the little one appeared, Hilary has been fantastic at suggesting different exercises and has been excellent at encouraging me to ease back into shape. Knowledgeable and friendly, she has been great at motivating without being intimidating. I feel comfortable trusting her with my personal training. I would definately recommend her to my friends and if we can sort a buggy fit class out in maidenhead, I will be there with my NCT friends.

Sue Sendall:
I’ve been going to Hilary’s Boxercise classes since she started them. She makes each session fun, building on what we have learnt previously but making sure we’re all pushed as individuals to work our hardest. Hilary seems to know just when to push me that little bit more! Each session is structured but she varies the activities each week so that we don’t get bored. I love going and would recommend her sessions to anyone wanting to get fit but have fun at same time.

Karen Hastie:
I have been attending Hilary Boxercise class since March. I now do 2 sessions a week. I love the class. Hilary makes it interesting and fun. The class’s are never repetitive always challenging. I always feel I have worked hard, Hilary is always enthusiastic and encouraging. I am new to the area from Leicestershire so it has also enabled me to get to know some new people, we often have a laugh as well as getting fitter. I know the other ladies enjoy the class. Thank you Hilary I would always recommend your class I just wish I knew people t tell so you got more uptake. A happy and fitter fan.

Maria Stibbs:
I have been training a number of years now and in the last 10 years since having children have found it hard to get back into shape. In the last 4 months since doing boot camps with Hilary I have noticed a massive difference, in not only my fitness but my body shape. Hilary has so much knowledge and also preplans the boot camps extremely well, they are fun, motivating and different each time so you don’t get bored. I actually really look forward to going to boot camp. Thank you Hilary.

Emma Paterson:
Hilary Spearing was my personal trainer for 10 months during 2012 & 2013. I thoroughly enjoyed training with Hilary. She was tough & effective, constantly pushing me to my limits & knowing when I’d reached them. Hilary kept me motivated through the use of different types of exercises such as boxing, rowing & kettle bell circuits. I enjoyed Hilary mixing up our training session locations, heading outside of the gym or to a local park when the weather allowed. Hilary also supported me with nutritional advice to supplement my training sessions. As a mum to a young daughter, Hilary was always understanding & flexible when I had difficulty attending our training sessions. Hilary was always more than a personal trainer; she became a good friend who I thoroughly enjoyed training with.