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Why do I need a Personal Trainer?

Because you want results sooner rather than later and you lack motivation. Because you are a gym user who copies others as you are unsure what to do in the gym. Because you need a motivational push and new programme every 6 – 10 weeks

How do I know that you are a qualified trainer?

We pride ourselves on being fully qualified and are happy to show you certificates on our initial meeting. We are registered with REPS, which is considered the governing body in the fitness industry; if a trainer is not on registered then they may not be legitimate.

I’m not sure if I have enough room to train, how much space do we need to train properly?

As long as you have enough room to be able to lie down on the floor with your arms out wide, you will be able to have a good training session.

Where will I train?

We can train wherever is convenient for you, as we can use select gyms and studios or can easily come to you or to a local park (See Areas Covered section)

How often should I train?

This depends on a couple factors, how motivated you will be training when you are on your own and financial commitments. For the best results 2 to 3 times per week is a good start. For general health, experts recommend 30 minute moderate intensity activities 5 times per week.

Do I need any equipment?

Not at all, We will provide all the equipment we require. For convenience you may end up wanting to purchase some equipment, for example hand wraps if doing Boxercise.

Do I need to be in reasonable shape before I start?

Everyone is different, so you will be treated as an individual. This will only improve so it is nothing to worry about.

I know that exercise is good for me, but I do not enjoy it and find it difficult to get myself motivated. What can you do to keep me on the straight and narrow?

We will try our utmost to make every session fun and enjoyable. If for any reason you cannot get motivated there is a vast range of exercises to try.

Can my friend and I take personal training sessions together?

Training with a friend or partner has benefits. Please see the price guide for details. We do recommend that you are of similar fitness levels to make the sessions enjoyable and productive for all parties involved.