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Chris Robinson

Chris joined the Royal Navy in 2001 at 19 years old and served for 13 years.
On joining he was a super fit cardio loving youngster and weighed about 10st, but, 3 years after joining he had ballooned to a very unhealthy 15st and struggled with all aspects of Armed Forces life.

He hit a critical point when he failed his fitness tests and knew that something needed to change, this is when he took a keen interest in lifting weights and HIIT training which enabled him to control his weight and get down to a more comfortable 12st.

In 2012 he was diagnosed with a double hernia, which was operated on, but due to complications from surgery he was discharged from the Royal Navy in 2013.

The only real option for him was to follow his passion in Fitness, so he completed his Level 2 and 3 PT Qualifications and began his career as a Personal Trainer and Coach.

He started a small outdoor Bootcamp which he ran successfully for 12 months before finally moving into a Gym facility to concentrate on 1-to-1 training.

During this time he decided to take up Fitness Competing, with the aim of inspiring his clients to step out of their comfort zones and help them believe that they could achieve anything they wish with the right mindset and motivation.

In his debut competition he came Runner Up in the Miami Pro World Championship earning his Pro Status. 7 more competitions followed in an 18 month period with top 5 placings in them all, leading to his first competition win at Pure Elite in April 2016.

Chris enjoys working varied experience, from beginners new to training who’s aim is fat loss and understanding the basics of training and nutrition through to advanced competitive athletes who want to step on stage.

His training programmes are built around YOU, your lifestyle, your likes & dislikes and your current ability, he does not prescribe any exercise or training programme that he has not tried for himself.

– Body Transformations
– Fat Loss
– Competition Prep

– Level 3 Personal Trainer
– Level 2 Gym Instructor
– Sports Conditioning Coach
– Exercise Referral Coach
– Metafit Instructor
– Indoor Cycling Instructor
– Outdoor Fitness Instructor
– Circuits Instructor

– Fitness is not about being better than everyone else, its about being the best version of YOU!!
– Good things come tho those that….get off their ass and work for it!!
– Focus on the Process, not the End result.