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Chris Kite

Chris was obsessed with fitness and sport from an early age. Excelling in football, he played at Wycombe Wanderers in his early teens, inspiring him to pursue a fitness-related career. Graduating with a Sports and Exercise Science degree in 2003 and qualifying as a personal trainer a year later, he started work at a local gym in Henley.

Chris has worked in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and fitness instructor for 6 years now, training a range of different clients with varying abilities and achieving consistently positive results.  Over time he established a base in Henley, Marlow and Windsor as a freelance home trainer. His affiliation with the local gyms enabled him to gain clients through word of mouth whilst also developing a reputation for instructing group classes in the area, particularly intense Spinning and Core stability sessions.

From this he has gained invaluable experience and understanding of modern training concepts and how they benefit various demographics of society in a variety of different training situations. Practical use and Knowledge of these concepts are expressed in his challenging outdoor bootcamp sessions and can be applied to all levels of fitness.

Chris joined the PT-ME team early in 2011 with a primary focus on the launching and expanding of bootcamps and to work with a team of highly reputable training experts towards a common goal.  Since April, he has established an avid following of bootcampers ranging from 20-50 years old, all of varying abilities.


• Bootcamps
• Weight Loss
• TRX Training


• Level 3 Personal Trainer
• Spinning
• Level 2 Instructor

My favourite quotes.
• If you’re talking, you aren’t working hard enough!