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Aaron Sturgess

Aaron Sturgess (Founder): I have been in the industry since 2003 and personal training since November 2006. I started in a local gym in my hometown from there they sent me on basic courses. I then got moved to another site within the chain for progression and to help out, later becoming the acting manager for 6 months of a gym in High Wycombe up until I left to pursue solely a personal training career. My job is my life I workout just as hard as I push my clients and am constantly updating my knowledge through trial in the gym and going on courses, just like any personal trainer should be. I also put my heart and soul into this company to educate my team and to ensure we are one, if not the top personal training company in the area for body transformations and fat loss.

I have a personal training diploma and actively send myself on seminars and courses every year to improve my knowledge. Using these skills learnt I try to make exercising fun and enjoyable while achieving the desired goals. I am a trainer who doesn’t take excuses as i have heard them all before, i train my clients hard but well within their limits that they didn’t know they had. All I ever ask in my clients is that they put as much in as they want to get out of exercise and personal training. A small percentage of the results i have achieved with clients can be found within the testimonials page along with examples for the rest of the team also.

I have also achieved a highly regarded level 4 qualification with BACR (British Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation). I work a lot with health teams in High Wycombe Handy Cross gym and Buckinghamshire, carrying out phase III and Phase IV classes to help rehabilitate individuals after cardiac event.

I am passionate about my job and always aim to help clients achieve their goals and better functionality in everyday life. I have trained a variety of clientele, from those that want simply to keep general fitness, to others who want weight loss and weight gain. Your average individuals with 9 to 5 jobs to Directors, CEO’s, sportsmen and actors. I fully understand the constraints of everyday life and schedule and training on your own can be hard.

With the growth of PT-ME I am always looking to find dedicated, highly motivated trainers to expand the PT-ME brand.


• Fat loss
• Transformations
• Lean Bulking


• Level 3 Personal Trainer
• Level 4 Cardiac Rehabiltation Specialist
• Poliquin Biosignature Practitioner level 1
• Boxercise and Boxercise PT
• NVQ Sports, Leisure and Recreation along with National Spa Pool Plant Operators Certificate
• Numerous smaller courses, Seminars and Courses attended

My favourite quotes.
• Squeeze it
• If it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you
• If it’s not broke don’t fix it