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PT-ME is a fitness and fat loss brand, originally just personal training we have evolved to ensure we can help more people now providing facilities also.

Acquiring our own studio in Widmer End in February 2015 for personal training, classes and a private appointment membership. We then moved onto open our Private Gym in Bourne End in June 2016, not your typical gym but still a facility focused on results and helping members who have a regular monthly gym membership!

Aaron founded PT-ME in 2008, originally in Marlow also covering Henley-on-Thames, High Wycombe and the rest of Buckinghamshire/Berkshire area. A family man Aaron and the team can empathise with all the barriers to achieving ideal fitness and fat loss results. This is why Aaron set up the PT-ME team and the various facilities to give a better experience whatever service is best suited for you! PT-ME prides itself in being able to deliver a quality service with up to date in depth consultations, planned sessions and progress in your training sessions. IF using our facilities we truly believe we can help anyone and happily give our time to discuss this on the gym floor. We believe with the help of our facilities and/or personal training our members and clients get the best environment to maximise their goals. Gone are the days of gyms signing you up, not knowing your name or caring, our team make the difference between establishing a solid routine and proven results.

In order left to right – Nicole, Arabella, Renée, and Aaron

Aaron and Nicole with Renée and Arabella